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Egypt Future Work is Digital Initiative



Project Scope

The Egypt FWD scholarship is an initiative envisioned by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to empower Egypt’s youth and professionals in the digital job market.

It is the largest fully-funded scholarship offering upskilling in web development, data analysis, digital marketing, cloud computing, and other highly demanded tech skills. The aim of the scholarship is to enhance the competitiveness and leadership of Egypt’s workforce, keeping up with the ever-rising trends of digital work and local market demand for IT professionals. To achieve this, MCIT collaborated with Udacity and its leading global technology partners to design and implement the “Future Work is Digital” initiative, providing free access to online learning and upskilling programs for scholarship recipients.

Initiative by

Program Objectives

Egypt FWD is the largest upskilling initiative ever in Egyptian history till now.
In these times of challenges and great opportunities, the current and future reality of learning, skills training, and work are changing! Momentum is rising towards going all digital; outreaching from personal spaces to online global scapes; merging goals and markets and opportunities. It’s never been a better time to go fwd!

Future Work is Digital Initiative is aiming to equip and train 100,000 young Egyptians through Udacity an online learning platform for digital technologies and skills to remote work and local market opportunities on the most demanded online career paths in the world right now in Data, Web, and Digital Marketing Through 4 Tracks: Challenger, Professional, Advanced, and Guru.

Brand Concept

We designed this brand to embody reliability, robustness, and the essence of Egyptian culture. By infusing every element of the brand with these qualities, we hope to create a sense of belonging for students and offer the world a unique perspective on Egyptian culture. Additionally, our goal is to position Egyptian freelancers on the global stage. Throughout history, people have been drawn to mottos, initiatives, and movements that bring them together in communities.

Our brand is an inventive identity that caters to the needs of the Egyptian freelancer. We have designed an access ticket to our community and platform, which provides opportunities to learn, connect, and obtain gigs that will transform your career

Program Outreach
Egyptian Governorates
Applications submitted and evaluated
Youth upskilled on Freelancing
Joined Freelancing Marketplace
How will egFWD achieve the mission?
Courses are self-paced and online so students can learn when and where it’s convenient for them. This opportunity to develop career skills at no cost to them for a chance to get placed into lucrative local and global jobs, through Udacity talent community.

Cross-Skilling Programs

Single Advanced courses where students can acquire new skills in different domains that complement their core specialty to help them become multifunctional to perform beyond existing responsibilities is termed cross-skilling.

Specialized Programs

Programs where you can master a specialty to start or advance your career by being titled with the qualifying career path after you graduate from these specialty tracks. Each specialization contains various levels where students can pick whichever specialty matches their career interests and level.

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