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Next Coders Gamification


We are fascinated to work with the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Udacity to finesse the educational gamification experience for teenagers / high school students by endorsing them to enjoy learning online in a platform of a full game.

The gamification experience started with an imaginary story garnished with historical tales, converting the learner into a heroic Nobel figure, putting him in a fantasy timeline of missions and objectives, letting him progress by beating villains, facing a dragon,  collecting coins and rewards, leveling up, upskilling magic, power, and new energy to be always Keen and eager, and sharing the progress, asking for support from peers, and finally being exposed to a collaborative learning experience and supported by mentors.

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Script Writing


Characters Design

Communications Plan

Gamification Methodology

1- Storytelling “Dreamland”

  • Designing a compelling story with clear story elements.
  • Multiple layers story-structure.
  • Producing the story in a colored comic book style.
  • Localizing story narration and dialogue.

2- Rewards System “U-Coins”

  • Motivating students to learn through rewards and scoring system. ( U-Coins)
  • Task-based rewarding.
  • Time-based rewarding. (need for speed!)

3- Communications & Community “Hero’s Club”

  • Customizing Communication flow.
  • Creating the hero’s community.

Gamification Glimpses

Social Media Campaign

The Campaign consists of 2 main phases:

  • Soft Phase (testing)
  • Optimizing phase


The Messaging Challenge was identifying the behavior of the target segment and illustrating their Empathy Map to use the right language and messages to attract them.


We structured the campaign into 6 different Ads using the most significant Mobile Games in the world to attract their attention visually with a localized message using Egyptian slang.

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