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Video Production

Cairo Jazz Festival 2019

NWT House is Cairo’s home for Art, performances, creativity, and talents. Sister space to KMT house. It was inspired by the ancient Egyptian goddess NWT, the goddess of all skies, stars, and cosmos. We collaborated with them, and we had a Great deal of pleasure to be part of this event manifested by the brilliant Birds Against Hurricanes, which are infused with poetry and playfulness and presented by players masterful musicianship they came from Austria.

It’s the Cairo Jazz Festival 2019, Cairo Jazz Festival is an international festival that aims to widen the mission of Jazz and make it boundless to reach more people and give more exposure to both the acts and the audience. We had loads of fun by capturing moments of joy. We mirrored this special music occasion driven by the power of Art and our exhibit capabilities; we did it with pride by casting light on that night.


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