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Catalytic Africa

The Africa Startup Matching Fund


Project Description

Catalytic Africa is a matching fund by the African Business Angels Network (ABAN) and AfriLabs that aims to strengthen African startups, innovation hubs, and angel investors while delivering impact results to institutional funders.

We co-invest with angel investors in innovative startups with matching funds in the form of a grant

Initiative by

What did we accomplish?

  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Communications Strategy
  • Launch Campaign
  • Website Development
  • Social Media
  • Copywriting
  • Creatives
  • Media Kit

Program Objectives

  • Increase the investment made by angel investors in African startups.
  • Strengthen African angel networks and innovation hubs.
  • Fund African startups with innovative digital solutions & measurable impact.
  • Present reliable ecosystem data, insights, and impact reporting for all stakeholders.

Funding Ratio:

2:1 – If the business angel invests an amount less or equal to 10,000€, then the matching fund will double the amount of funding the startup receives from the angel investors.

3:1 – If the business angel invests more than 10,000€, then the matching fund will triple the amount of funding the startup receives from the angel investors.

The maximum financing from the matching fund is 60,000€ per transaction.

Brand Concept

Together, we can rise to new heights. At our core, we find nothing more rewarding than creating impactful work for clients with meaningful missions. By truly understanding our audience and their motivations, we design digital experiences that truly resonate with people.

Our symbol is more than just a logo; it represents the growth and success of African startups as a result of a catalytic effect. The symbol embodies a change, increase, and growth that occurs when a fuel factor reacts with all startups, enabling them to thrive using a substance known as a catalyst. We believe that access to capital is the X factor that drives innovation and enables founders to achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Using cultural insights, strategic vision, and the power of emotion, we built and activated the Catalytic Brand across every aspect of its expression.

Program Outreach
African Countries
Angel Investors
Innovation Hubs
Angel Networks
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Fadilah Tchoumba
Secretary-General at ABAN

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